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Want to multiply your property value before you list? Good news—you can increase your home's list price by thousands just by tackling a few simple projects. So go ahead...schedule a consultation with our staging experts to enhance your home HGTV-style.

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Wondering what it takes to sell your Sioux Falls home for top dollar? Well, let us tell you—just a little sprucing here and there can go a long way. Here at Fisher & Co, we have eyes for the finer things in life—so we've outlined some ways to take your home from humble to high-end! 

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1. Repairs

When selling a house, there are many questions about which repairs to make, what to invest in, and what buyers care about most. Let's go through the basics!

Major Damages

We recommend fixing any major damages—upgrading hardwood floors, taking care of fire or water damage, and checking the stability of the house's foundations are just a few. Leaving any causes for concern for after the home inspection can decrease your home value and cost you prospective buyers.

Relevant Upgrades

While it may be tempting to tackle all upgrades before you list your home, you have to consider which renovations will actually increase your return on investment. Keep in mind what buyers want most, such as ample storage space and a top-of-the-line kitchen. We recommend investing in the classics and letting buyers decide what other upgrades are worth it later.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning will make your home feel like a breath of fresh air to buyers! Steam clean the rugs, focus on areas where pets are prone to hanging out, and dive into all the nooks and crannies. Wondering which areas of your home you should really focus on? Schedule a walk-through with us, and we'll create a step-by-step staging plan for you.


Before listing your home, order a pre-inspection! The agency will give you a comprehensive report of damage or any potential damage, allowing you to get your property in tip-top shape before any prospective buyers lay eyes on it.

Private Services

Realtors don't just list your home for you—we can also recommend our local preferred vendors for any budget! If you're wondering which businesses in town you should partner with, just give us a call for our tried-and-true recommendations.

2. Clean and Declutter

While cleaning and decluttering is a basic aspect of home staging, there are still some guidelines to take into account.


Simplicity is key to any home sale. Neutral colors and depersonalized decor helps buyers imagine what they could do with the space! Be careful not to trail into boring territory, but be sure to strike a balance between compelling and classic.


Storage space is one of the features buyers are looking for most. Decluttering your drawers, cabinets, and closets shows off how much space there really is and can lead to innovative storage ideas!


Bathrooms can easily end up being a huge turn-off for potential buyers. Thoroughly clean every inch of your bathroom and replace old shower curtains and rugs—take advantage of inexpensive grout and tile cleaners.


Lighting can seriously improve a home's overall appearance. Replace old or burst bulbs, invest in ambient lighting setups, throw back the curtains, and open up your windows for an airy feel!

3. Decorating

Interior design is the main character of home staging! Psychologically, how your home is arranged and decorated does a lot for relaxing and welcoming buyers, which influences how willing they'll be to buy your home.

Rearranging Furniture

Rearranging allows you to emphasize the amount of space in the room and draws attention to your home's best features. Your home will seem larger, and potential buyers are less likely to feel crowded.

Color Scheme

Make sure your home's color scheme flows naturally together and is appealing to the general eye. Grey, beige, or white are good neutral colors to try—and don't be afraid to mix and match different neutral shades to see what works best for your home!

Personal Touches

While you want neutrality, you don't want blandness. Fresh and clean scents give your home a welcoming ambience, and we can help you add a special touch with fruits and flowers.

The Outside

Outside appearances matter, too—and curb appeal is as important to buyers as the interior. Simple updates like pressure washes, decorating the porch beautifully and comfortably, replacing outdoor lighting, and repainting can add substantial value to your property. 

5. Landscaping

Gardens, trees, and lawns are your best friends when it comes to staging your home for buyers—keep these areas green and growing! Thoroughly clean any water features like fountains or ponds, and empty the yard of personal items to inspire the buyers' imaginations. 

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Do you want more tips or professional advice on the best strategies for selling your home? We can give you details on the local market and the best resources to use for increasing your property's value. Sell your home for top dollar in no time by using our staging services—just contact us today to get started!